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 Vendetta's staff application. (mod/admin)

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Vendetta's staff application. (mod/admin) Empty
PostSubject: Vendetta's staff application. (mod/admin)   Vendetta's staff application. (mod/admin) EmptySun Nov 04, 2012 5:05 pm

1. How old are you 14
2. Have you ever been staff. Name Sites(If you can it won't count against you if you cant.) I am staff on TehPk-scape and a WoW private server (the commands are much more complex and harder to remember) and i have hosted quite the amount of my own private servers such as Xerim-scape, Grande-Scape, Husky-scape etc. So i'm very experienced for this job and know the majority of the commands.

3. Why should we pick you? Like i said before i know the majority of the commands, i'm very mature and i have hosted some of my own servers and i'm currently staff on a different server but i plan on giving away my position for somebody else, i'm aswell staff on a WoW private server and i can play 3-8 hours a day (depending on school work and irl friends). I have Skype with a mic and anything else you would need such as Ventrillo etc.

4. What are you going to to help fourms if we pick you? I can be on the forums and moderate some of the topics but not all of them. I can just deleted raging kids posts (if it's nececcary)

5. Do you get along with staff? ( If not who is it that you dont get along with and why?) Umm i would say i do, havn't gotten into a fight with anybody and if i did i would forgive and forget.

6. How long have you been posting on fourms. Today but i plan on posting alot more

7. How often do you post on fourms. Probably a few times a day.

8. Do you swear/curse alot? Nope.
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Vendetta's staff application. (mod/admin)
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