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 Bobdole's Application

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Bobdole's Application Empty
PostSubject: Bobdole's Application   Bobdole's Application EmptySat Oct 27, 2012 2:56 am

1. How old are you. 14
2. Have you ever been staff. Name Sites(If you can it won't count against you if you cant.): I'm a administrator on "destinctionx.org" I've been a mod and admins and co-owners on a lot of servers, but it was a good 2-3 years ago. my current staff ranks are on destinctionx.
3. Why should we pick you? I'm not just a 14 year old, but i use logical abilities to experience my social ways to the community, and i like to get involved in certain stuff. Instead of fully customizing a price guide, i'm asking for a judgmental help from the community its self, so we can all agree on the prices. I like to help players, but the real purpose of a moderator is to moderate in-game conflicts/ future reflecting conflicts. as i said, "Moderator = Moderation of the community in which the rank is held in."
4. What are you going to to help forums if we pick you? I will be a daily active poster, and post weekly guides at most, and i'm currently in charge of the un-official price guide.
5. Do you get along with staff? ( If not who is it that you dont get along with and why?): Yes, from what i see it seems that i am good with all the staff, not resulting into any conflicts.
6. How long have you been posting on fourms?: I've been posting since my Register date. 10-21-2012.
7. How often do you post on fourms?: When i get a moderator status it occurs to me that i need to be ore active on the forums just to support the community, as it is.
8. Do you swear/curse alot?: I don't swear/curse often, but when someone excessively annoys me, and after i gave him the answer, or if i warned him, and he excessively keeps doing what he is doing, then i tend to curse, due to annoyance.

EXTRA: I am applying for a moderator position.
EXTRA: I will also be releasing new rules, and policy's to improve game play for the community. That is when i receive a moderator, because i can't make legal rules towards the server until i have the position/rank that allows me to.

if you read this and support my application do a +1
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Bobdole's Application
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