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 Xahvens Official Suggestion List

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Xahvens Official Suggestion List Empty
PostSubject: Xahvens Official Suggestion List   Xahvens Official Suggestion List EmptyMon Oct 22, 2012 3:54 pm

Alright, before I start typing my miny list of things I believe would make a difference...
Dont flame, if you dont agree, tell me why. If somethings missing, tell me what.

Also note, these are MY suggestions and opinions.
If someone suggests something here, it will be added to the list, with THEIR name.

Nice and simple right? (Or not so).


Anyways heres the legend:
Red = Denied
White = No Responce
Green = Accepted/Fixed
Cyan = Label


In-Game Suggestions/Bugs:
- Pring should be removed from all players. (Read my alternative suggestion).

(Adam) - Blach dhide bosy requires 40 range, not 70.

(Adam) - When a player is in dungeon, and forcefully telle'd they keep the items.

-Player shops cant be used because the new home isnt correctly set as home.

-Upon death you return to edgevile.

-Donator portal takes you to edgevile instead of home.

-Donator skill reset glitches your account and prevents it from leveling.

-Spelling error at magic tab > advanced skilling >Fishing, it says fihing.

-D-Spear spec don't work.

-Levelpoints should be edited for more fair play.

-Shops such as Slayer and pkp, need to be updated to match levelpoints.

-Magic logs should be dropped from 250k, everything else is below 75k. Cheap way of outbuying everything. Nothing takes effort.

-Agility is UTTERLY slow.

-I suggest coding it so that players can use yell again, but at a cost. Basically they can yell but it consumes 100m or somthing like that.

-Make PKP not vanish upon DC, or logout, only death.


Forum Suggestions:
-The colors, just... the colors. Tbh its really hard to read.

-Organization. Everything is scattered all over the place, making players not want to use the forums.

-Enable signatures. D: (Mines sexy and I cant show it off).


Alternative suggestions:
- Donator should only be obtainable through cash, and cash alone. AI cant complain due to donating an account, but without real donations, the VPS cant be updated, and a Domain cant be bought.
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Xahvens Official Suggestion List
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