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 Rawr! Im here! ...still...

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Rawr! Im here!   ...still... Empty
PostSubject: Rawr! Im here! ...still...   Rawr! Im here!   ...still... EmptyMon Oct 22, 2012 3:40 pm

clown Uhm yeah, I had to do that. Looked so fun~
Anyways I noticed, I have been around for some time now, and yet I havent made an introduction! Sooo, heres some information about me,
don't forget to write it down, its very important(Hehehahaharrharr): clown

Name: Chris Pereira- What a Face

Favourite Colour: Green-

Age: 17

Gender: Male (Duhh)

Location: A place FARR FARR AWAY~! Can you find me? Very Happy cheers

Ahh enough of the boring stuff-
To put it simply, im a 17 year old male, who is currently attending highschool. I have high hopes for this server, as it can go fairly far!

More about me: I like to draw.
For more information go to my artistic post at: Xahvens Art

Yawn~ Sorreehhhhh, ill probably update this to make it look more, you know, sexy? But its after school, and im like SOOOOO tired! I just wanted to get this done with so I feel proud of myself HARRHARRHARR~ Sleep
Ima baaad lil boi~ affraid

@Edit: Sorreh once again, this is bugging me. elephant <- Doesnt it look like something else? S:
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Rawr! Im here! ...still...
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